Become the Center of Attention with Blonde Hair!

by Magie Bleue

Ready to be the center of attention and look like a celebrity?  Magie Bleue blond hair extensions are your answer!  This type of hair attracts attention as you walk down the street or sit in the conference room.  It helps you express your personality and gives you a youthful appearance.

The following tips will help you choose the right blonde hair extension:

  • Match your hair extension with your skin tone, eyes color, and face shape. This will help you embrace your confidence and improve your personality. 
  • If you have become bored with black color hair and want to get something different, then you should try the blond virgin hair. It will make you look afresh. As a result, you need not change your own hair by having chemical treatment. 
  • Once you have installed this hair extension, you need to take certain care. It hardly matters what quality your hair has, all blonde hair requires extra maintenance. 
  • Your duty does not come to an end after the installation of hair extension. You need to take great care of it. From time to time, use color-safe shampoo and conditioner, which will moisturize hair. Keep your extension away from heat. Do not use heat products, such as flat iron, blow dryer, etc. If such a need arises, reduce the use time and temperature. Last but not least, have deep conditioning as much as possible. You can buy specific hair protective products, such as oil, or visit a salon. Since hair extension cannot get nutrition from the body, you need to moisturize it to stop hair from drying and tangling strands.  
  • Gorgeous hair makes you realize your beauty. Installing blonde hair extension will make you feel like the Angel coming in the dark with light.

Blonde straight hair is another hairstyle that can help you have a new blonde look. It hardly matters how light or dark your natural hair color is, or if you have pale or dark skin tone, there is always a shade of blonde hair to suit you. This type of hairstyle is still the most popular hair color choice for most women.

  • If you have shoulder-length hair in a brunette tone, do not choose a blonde color. Instead, apply some rich caramel highlights throughout your style, laying focus on the crow and where the part lands. Your textured waves blended with the rich highlights will reflect the sunlight and create an attractive look. 
  • If your long hair is dull or damaged, buy a good color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to use during, before, and after coloring your hair. Make this part of your daily hair care regimen. Remember that treating your damaged hair from roots to ends is an important factor in maintaining your colored styles. 
  • Before you end up settling on a shade of blonde straight hair, consider your skin tone and eye color. In addition, consider your current hair color. If you have bleached your blonde hair, you may opt for a richer and deeper shade of blonde. If your skin tone is very pale, keep your blonde shade a bit lighter. For dark brunettes, a deep honey highlight throughout your style might be the best option for you. Do not bleach your hair as it may damage your hair. 
  • Apply a variety of blonde hair colors throughout your hair in various areas to create a very unique and striking look. If you have a light brown base, this is the best way to apply blonde highlights. Keep your layers underneath dark before you lighten up on your top layers throughout. This type of coloring looks good on straight hair with long or short bangs.

These are some tips for you to create new blonde hair color. Try to do something new and different with your blonde hair. Blonde straight hair in large or small doses is a good way of updating your appearance and feeling good.

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Briefly Put!

Get ready to buy a blonde hair extension if you want to have celebrity status. It will enhance your look and personality, and you will look standalone in a crowd.