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Our company believes that providing our customers with high quality hair is just one of the main objectives of our relationship with them. We discovered that substandard processes and unethical business practices in the hair industry prevent good quality hair from reaching consumers. To minimize this from happening to our customers, we own and manage our entire hair supply process from sourcing the hair and processing it to delivering it right to the consumer with wholesale and retail options.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!


I wear hair extensions to protect my hair from the use of harsh chemicals and excessive heat, for versatility, and convenience. Cheaper quality brands always resulted in excessive shedding and the appearance of having a “bad” wig or weave. With Magie Bleue, I get the highest quality and most versatility!

Jill P.
Laurel MD

I started using Magie Bleue hair when I desired a more natural look than that of beauty supply store hair. I was tired of low quality hair that dried out, thinned out, shedded and tangled. The quality of this hair is perfect and long lasting. All of the bundles I’ve purchased have literally lasted years. When it comes to my personal appearance, I always invest in my products I never gamble which is why I love Magie Bleue

Blonde Hair Extensions
Diedra H.
Brandywine MD

Magie Bleue hair is the best  hair I’ve ever used. My Magie Bleue hair looks and feels like my own and it last for years. My hair doesn’t shed, curls beautifully and when not professionally curled maintains a really pretty bouncy look. The price is very good for this quality of hair. I am extremely happy with my purchase and recommend Magie Bleue to all my friends and family.

B.Bowie MD

It’s impossible to talk about Magie Bleue and not include the word LUXURY! These one-of-a-kind tresses will have you feeling like the hair grew straight from your scalp!

Wig Store
Megan T.
Upper Marlboro MD

I have been a loyal customer of Magie Bleue since launch. I live a very active lifestyle & the Magie Bleue hair has always been easy to maintain. It has endured hiking, camping, swimming, dancing, & intense workouts. As well as professional presentations and interviews. I am truly addicted to the ease of maintenance & the long lasting styles which I have come accustomed to.

Fatima T.
Washington DC
Blonde Wavy

“Our Single Donor Blonde extensions will be something to experience! After our color process on the hair it will remain soft and silky like no other color treated hair extensions you’ll find. This hair remains strong and healthy and will resemble your natural hair.”

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Custom Wig

“We can make a variety of hair units and wigs based on your specifications to include texture, length, color, style, hair density, cap base type, and your personal head dimensions”

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pony hairstyle
Custom Ponytail

“With our custom ponytails you choose which texture and length of Magie Bleue extensions you want. We will then create a drawstring or Velcro ponytail based on your details and wishes. This process will require you to contact customer service or email us for your custom order request.  Custom orders can take up to 3 - 6 weeks to complete.”

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